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Mike O'Donoghue

Mike O'Donoghue


Mike O'Donoghue  

... was born in August 1964 and had his first contact with music
when he was very young. At the age of 11 he was already writing
his first songs and at age 12 performed live for the first time. After studying the guitar and singing he founded the Irish Folk Band „O'Donoghue's Inn“ in 1980. This Band became very popular, regionally.

In 1992 Mike wrote the musical „Die kleinen Leute von Swabidu“
that was very popular and was performed regularly in Hildesheim.
Mike has been touring steadily since 1990, performing all over Europe; gaining ever-increasing popularity as well as a growing fan base. Mike has recently settled in northern Germany along the
North Sea coast. The constantly blowing breeze and the smell of the sea constantly inspiring him and giving him fresh ideas for new musical projects.

Working together with friends and artists such as Mark Merritt,
Roland Bauer, Katja Clajus and especially Ron Gardner continues
to inspire him and his creativity. With this inspiration, he has been able to release 4 cds since 2007.

His new cd Gone America is the story of Irish
immigration to the new world. Mike uses a combination
of Irish folk, folk, country and bluegrass songs to tell the



Mike O'Donoghue - Gone America  
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Mike O'Donoghue
"Gone America"